Odd Semester

ME5807 Metal Forming Processes

L-T-P-Cr: 3- 0- 0- 3

Pre-requisite: Engineering mechanics, Mathematics, Strength of materials, Materials science, Manufacturing Processes.


S.N.OutcomesBT LevelBT Description
CO1: Explain theoretical concepts of metal forming and plastics processing2Understand
CO2: Predict and evaluate the behaviour of sheet metal during the Forming processes3Apply
CO3: Evaluate and compare the power requirement in the different types of metal forming processes.4Analyze

CO-PO-PSO Mapping


Module 1: Introduction to metal forming, classification of metal forming processes, temperature, strain rate, friction and lubrication effects in metal forming processes. [Class Notes: PDF]

Module 2: Elastic and plastic deformation, mechanism of plastic deformations, yield criteria, hardening law, flow rule, Anisotropy. [Class Notes: PDF]

Module 3: Bulk metal forming processes: Rolling, Forging, Extrusion, rod or wire drawing etc., Mechanics of Forming, load estimation and defects etc., Workability. [Class Notes: PDF]

Module 4: Sheet metal forming processes, Bending, stamping, Deep drawing, stretch forming, spinning and incremental forming etc., load estimation and defects analysis, formability and forming limit diagram. [Class Notes Part -1 : PDF, Part -2: PDF]

Module 5: Slab, upper and lower bound techniques, slip line field theory and Finite element method for analyses of metal forming processes. [Class Notes: PDF]

Module 6: Miscellaneous and Non-conventional metal forming processes, High energy rate forming processes, explosive, electro-hydraulic and electro-magnetic forming etc. [Class Notes: PDF]

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